Estimating and plotting the decay of linkage disequilibrium

A quick post that shows how you can estimate the decay of linkage disequilibrium (LD) and plot it along the genome/chromosome. We’ll be looking at two methods to do this, which unsurprisingly, produce different estimates of LD decay. I personally prefer the 2nd method as it is more scientific.

For both methods, I am using this input file. It basically has two tab delimited columns – one with distance in megabase pairs (Mbp) and the other with LD (r2) values.

First, import the file:

file <- read.table("D_genome_ld.txt", sep="\t", header=T)

1. Method 1: The “Neanderthal” Way (sorry, dear mortal Neanderthals!)

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Chromosome or group specific LD heatmaps

If you work on genomics, chances are you have to create an LD heatmap figure sooner or later. I am sure you have used the R package LDheatmap or have thought of using it at some point. The only problem is that despite being a sweet (not necessarily fast) program, it does have its limitations. The biggest one being production of publication-worthy graphics.

To give you an example, look at the following LD heatmap it produced with my mock data. My mock data has 7 chromosomes with 10 markers on each chromosome.

Here is the input data in Excel format.

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